Thinspo 2



  1. #1 by Phia on December 6, 2011 - 8:06 pm

    Each day!

    Ok today I sewed all day and made two bags. I had water yogurt in the morning green tea milk coffee. I kinda screwed up when tj came home I hate a small plate of potato and piece of sliced cajan chicken. I won’t do that again until I feel like I’m losing what I need. Day II done hope tomorrow no food goes through my throughout just liquids.  

    Today was a great day. Eve. Though I felt I was losing control over my diet I fell right back. I declared my self in being an Ana woman and I’m sticking to the plan. I am in Italian classes and trying to educate myself when it comes to this new me that I know it will make me feel better can’t wait to see the results. Only had milk and yogurt today oh and a slice of cheese. Water no cravings. I have to give thumbs up to the pills as well it helps a lot. Lets look forward for tomorrow.  

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