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So when I went on vacatioin I totally lost track! But on the last day I go it back oh yeah. Ana came through. I had to eat a big breakfast around 500 calories because my family the kind of people that won’t shut the fu&* up if you don’t clean your plate. I didn’t eat again. My family went to a chinese buffette.

   The temptation was there! But I didn’t eat a thing! Im so proud!! I just had water. I figured over vacay that if I hate the bloated about-to-pop feeling of being full then I love the dizzy empty feeling of being well, empty. I know I want to be thin and gorgeous! But I had a food addiction and stopping cold turkey is hard but, Its worth it. I google thinspo pics on my phone to stop me and if I get hungry at home I take a nap or read 25 pages of a book. Today I’ve had 120 calories. I ate bacon. This is what happens when a fatty goes ana! Im going to go work out. Oh yeah and I got my first subscriber WOOHOOO!


ABC diet

My first day wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! I ate 419 calories. 2 Baked chicken wings. A small slice of water melon. 2 pieces of bacon and half an egg yolk. I almost lost it though! We got dove ice cream and I had crazy cravings. I started yesterday technically on July 3rd but I’m blogging about it now lol

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