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Brunch:Turkey and swiss with cabbagge and jam.

I just ate a slice of watermelon

I did work out too 🙂

Later I may eat a fruit cup

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Dearest momsie and popsicle

My mommy said I’m getting bigger. Super diet time!


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You’ve got a face for a smile you know :)

Breakfast:Honey and toast

Lunch:Deli creations turkey sandwhich

Dinner:Pork chop (size of my palm) green beans

So my body shape is alot like Rihanna but I have bigger boobs. Oh and if you were wondering Im black.


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Workout for me

I had a hard work out for the first time in awhile and I feel acomplished. I know from experience that once you start it’s not easy to stop so I plan to keep it up 🙂

I did not eat a healthy breakfast though. it was 270 calories though. 4 bacon strips and 2 egg yolks. I know gross. Bad dani. (I said my name was anjy earlier. Its a short version of my name but I’ll go by my middle name dani now)Thats all I had to eat. Im still really upset though


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I told my friend Im trying to lose weight a couple days ago. I brought her this huge cookie (my mom got a whole box) and she offered me a bit cause it was so huge and I refused rpeatedly. So she asked why and I said I want to lose weight so I ate an apple. She said “but your so tiny” …lies


Lunch: Small Spicy popcorn chicken and rice krispietreat


Activity: Dancing and singing

I didn’t eat much today and I slept through my hunger but, when I woke up…OMFB I thought I was gonna faint or puke.

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I don’t know what to call this


2 Bacon strips:80 cals

eggs( minus the whites, I hate egg whites): 61 cals

toast and honey: 92.5 cals


Drinks:water 1 2 3 4 5 6


2 peices of baked chicken Breast: 90 cals

Activity:Walk in place for 15 min

chicken breast:110
Oatmeal with honey 176
186 cals

My limit is 800 cause Im on that 1 diet again. If you don;t know what Im talking about yu’ll find it in an older post. SO! My mom makes me friggin homicidal. I wanna go somewhere an she won’t take me. All she ever does is lay down, eat, and watch crime shows an food network. God damn I just want to getout this damn house jesus christ help me before I go absouley HAM. and I never say HAM.

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Thanksgiving / I heart abs <3


So today was Thanksgiving and I ate and was merry and all that bull but Im going right back to restricting calories and working my ass off tommorow and then on. Im actually sore from yesterdays workout and I really like it! Being sore motivates me to keep working out and proves that I made progress and the workout was effective.

I heart abs ❤

I want like those little abs girls have that aren’t like scary but still there. Like I want to be toned

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Lets get it bitches!

So, I worked out today! Working out makes me feel pround and skinny lol so I had to share. I did cardio this morning so this evening I do excerises for my muscles. I know theres a name for that like muscle training or something but, sorry I don’t know it. I am going to keep this up especialy since thanksgiving is tommorow!! My food intake will probably be ummm like 800 calories cause Im working out and Im starting this tumblr diet.

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Playing catch up

So, I have people that follow my blog now yay!! Thanks yall. So yeah I have purposely stopped the thinspiration challenge but it will resume.With turkey Day comming I need to get my ass in gear and get my head straight. I need to know my portions and to exercise a lot!I need to tighten my diet but I am really trying to figure out how much to restrict. How many calories I need to eat and stuff. I lost a bestfriend and my academic life is a mess and my parents are stressing me more so yea.

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Im thinking about being a pescatarian. I don’t want to give uo meat completely so I figured I could have fish, fruit, veggies, and nuts. SOUNDS easy enough. Key word SOUNDS.

I think I’d be less likely to binge and there be less for me to eat which = me eating less. I’ve been working out a lot. Im sore but I feel like I’m not sore enough so I’m not doing enough. I do 100 squats, 400 arm circles, 90 crunches, danced, 5 lunges, and 70 push ups.

Tommorow I’m going to do 100 crunches, 145 squats, 90 push ups, stretch, dance, and walk.

I’ve been looking at thinspo more to which really motivates and keeps me from stuffing my face like I did not that long ag0.

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