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Dearest momsie and popsicle

My mommy said I’m getting bigger. Super diet time!


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You’ve got a face for a smile you know :)

Breakfast:Honey and toast

Lunch:Deli creations turkey sandwhich

Dinner:Pork chop (size of my palm) green beans

So my body shape is alot like Rihanna but I have bigger boobs. Oh and if you were wondering Im black.


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Dammmmmnnn Baabbbby

My ass is so sore. Like it hurts really bad. And getting a cramp last nite didn’t help. Yes I get cramps on my ass and thighs so yea. It kinda hurts to sit.

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Workout for me

I had a hard work out for the first time in awhile and I feel acomplished. I know from experience that once you start it’s not easy to stop so I plan to keep it up 🙂

I did not eat a healthy breakfast though. it was 270 calories though. 4 bacon strips and 2 egg yolks. I know gross. Bad dani. (I said my name was anjy earlier. Its a short version of my name but I’ll go by my middle name dani now)Thats all I had to eat. Im still really upset though


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I told my friend Im trying to lose weight a couple days ago. I brought her this huge cookie (my mom got a whole box) and she offered me a bit cause it was so huge and I refused rpeatedly. So she asked why and I said I want to lose weight so I ate an apple. She said “but your so tiny” …lies


Lunch: Small Spicy popcorn chicken and rice krispietreat


Activity: Dancing and singing

I didn’t eat much today and I slept through my hunger but, when I woke up…OMFB I thought I was gonna faint or puke.

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How I wish my body looked

Damn my mom just bust in my fucking room like the FBI shit she scared me

I love katy perry’s body cause her build is similar to mine and she has a tiny body so im like oh I have hope. Only thing is it sometimes looks bigger cause of her boobs. And I would love to look perfect in skinny jeans and wear tops that show my tummy. I’d also love to wear the tank tops with the low arm cut outs. I want those hot little subtle abs.This thinspo goes along with all these wishes.


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Do it like a dude

Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like yo

Jessie J is a classy girl’s kesha I swear

Im back girlssssss 😉

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