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Girl On Girl

I have m first real girl crush. She’s in my elective class. She looks like Kreayshawns lil sister omg Her lips are so kissable looking! …

I looked so bad too when I talked to her, with my fatness and it was friday and its usually my dgaf day so my clothes were jeans and a tshirt. NO MAKEUP. Im going back to school like one sexy beast though believe dat



Beauty Queen

Im watching Big Rich Texas and Leslie wants kailyn to get lippo or something to dissolve her at. I just saw all of her confidence fade. Everyone in the room saw all her little imperfections. I felt so sad for her! Her self esteem was totally ruined.


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I feel pretty/ I feel fat

Iam stocking up on make up and trying to clean my self up. Be perfect to sum it up not just skinny. I feel gross today but fuck it

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Demi Lovato:Stay Strong

Did any of you guys see it?

It made me feel not so alone. It was literally exactly my story. Weight problems at a young age. Never feeling worthy and good enough. Staying up writing 7, 8 songs a night. It just felt like wow so someone understands. Someone wants to help. But! It not only inspired me…for some strange reason…it thinspired me….

P.S demi is so gorgeous and beautiful inside and out

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