I don’t know what to call this


2 Bacon strips:80 cals

eggs( minus the whites, I hate egg whites): 61 cals

toast and honey: 92.5 cals


Drinks:water 1 2 3 4 5 6


2 peices of baked chicken Breast: 90 cals

Activity:Walk in place for 15 min

chicken breast:110
Oatmeal with honey 176
186 cals

My limit is 800 cause Im on that 1 diet again. If you don;t know what Im talking about yu’ll find it in an older post. SO! My mom makes me friggin homicidal. I wanna go somewhere an she won’t take me. All she ever does is lay down, eat, and watch crime shows an food network. God damn I just want to getout this damn house jesus christ help me before I go absouley HAM. and I never say HAM.

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