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Dammmmmnnn Baabbbby

My ass is so sore. Like it hurts really bad. And getting a cramp last nite didn’t help. Yes I get cramps on my ass and thighs so yea. It kinda hurts to sit.

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I updated the thinspo page. Thinspo not Thinspo 2

So fwi my new favorite celebrity thinspo is audrina from the hills

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Workout for me

I had a hard work out for the first time in awhile and I feel acomplished. I know from experience that once you start it’s not easy to stop so I plan to keep it up ūüôā

I did not eat a healthy breakfast though. it was 270 calories though. 4 bacon strips and 2 egg yolks. I know gross. Bad dani. (I said my name was anjy earlier. Its a short version of my name but I’ll go by my middle name dani now)Thats all I had to eat. Im still really upset though


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Im such a peice of shit

So Im failing geometry. I’ve been failing math most of my life though. My dad got really upset and I realized that it’s my fault. Not just this grade but, everything. Misunderstanding small things cause Im stupid. Going to classes after school when I know he’s waiting. Like he said I need to know my place and be where I should be. He gets tired and works a lot and Im a huge dissapointment. So sometimes he forgets to pick me up or is late or gets¬†annoyed with me¬†and Im never understanding about.

¬†Today he told me that I’ll never be some one and I’ll end up as a cashier. He told me to not complain about how hard it is cause its not hard. So I didn’t say it was hard I just said yes sir and mhm and yes. Whats sad is Im not going through anything. Im not distracted. Im just dumb. Luckily he waited until we were in the hall(school hallway cause went to the school and talked to my teacher) to reprimand me. It was no school today so there weren’t that many kids. He wasn’t as lound and physical this time.

¬† And what also sucks is that he thinks Im failing cause Im cocky and I think I don’t need to try but most times I know I’ll fail a test or quiz. Even when I think I can do it…I don’t. Im just natrually a failure. I want to go to college and get away from my family and give them a break from me but, my dad said i’ll never make it to college cause of this F and a t first I thought he was exxagerating but maybe he’s right. If I drop a class level it’ll be harder to get a scholarship and oppurtunities. My parents can’t pay for that. You’d think I would fix the problem immediatley right? I come home write songs and then half ass homework cause Im so sleepy and tired afterschool. Theres a reason I have 1 real friend and even he thinks im retarded. Theres a reason my dads always been strict and hostile with me. Theres a reason I focus on fashion and weight and make up and hair. I focus on beauty cause I sur as hell don’t have half the brains I should.

I don’t even know why I posted this cause theres no thinspo theres nothing cute or funny so no one will probably read past the first paragraph. if that! but I had to get it out someway. I don’t know why.

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I told my friend Im trying to lose weight a couple days ago. I brought her this huge cookie (my mom got a whole box) and she offered me a bit cause it was so huge and I refused rpeatedly. So she asked why and I said I want to lose weight so I ate an apple. She said “but your so tiny” …lies


Lunch: Small Spicy popcorn chicken and rice krispietreat


Activity: Dancing and singing

I didn’t eat much today and I slept through my hunger but, when I woke up…OMFB I thought I was gonna faint or puke.

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Food as Fuel vs. Food as Enjoyment: Implications for Fat Loss

Food as Fuel vs. Food as Enjoyment: Implications for Fat Loss.




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How I wish my body looked

Damn my mom just bust in my fucking room like the FBI shit she scared me

I love katy perry’s body cause her build is similar to mine and she has a tiny body so im like oh I have hope. Only thing is it sometimes looks bigger cause of her boobs. And I would love to look perfect in skinny jeans and wear tops that show my tummy. I’d also love to wear the tank tops with the low arm cut outs. I want those hot little subtle abs.This thinspo goes along with all these wishes.


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I don’t know what to call this


2 Bacon strips:80 cals

eggs( minus the whites, I hate egg whites): 61 cals

toast and honey: 92.5 cals


Drinks:water 1 2 3 4 5 6


2 peices of baked chicken Breast: 90 cals

Activity:Walk in place for 15 min

chicken breast:110
Oatmeal with honey 176
186 cals

My limit is 800 cause Im on that 1 diet again. If you don;t know what Im talking about yu’ll find it in an older post. SO! My mom makes me friggin homicidal. I wanna go somewhere an she won’t take me. All she ever does is lay down, eat, and watch crime shows an food network. God damn I just want to getout this damn house jesus christ help me before I go¬†absouley HAM. and I never say HAM.

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Well, Im so bored so Im gonna¬†talk about stuff! I lost a pound idk how but yea. Im watching America’s Next Top Model. Im really thirsty too.¬†Iplan to stay up late and do homework and do a little hailmary so I dn’t fail any of my classes. Right now im listening to¬† Justin Bieber and looking at his twitter. Its his¬†5 year anniversery of his youtube channel ūüôā

..My life saver ‚̧

Anywaaay enough with the jb shrine…..


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Sooner than later

I’d put all I ate at the end of the day but I know I won’t feel like it so I’ll do it as I eat.

So this girl is only a little bit more than I weigh and thats my goal weight. But I did get to my LW 135 so I went from 145 to 135 yay Im thankful for any loss

One thing Im sacared of is losing my d cup tits ūüė¶

but btw I carry weight differently than her I never looked that big. but I lover thighs in the after.

I ate an apple:60 cals

5 california rolls:150



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