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Fragile and thin? Or strong and thin?




Funny stuff I find online and hope it’s legal to put here (thigh gap)

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Thanksgiving / I heart abs <3


So today was Thanksgiving and I ate and was merry and all that bull but Im going right back to restricting calories and working my ass off tommorow and then on. Im actually sore from yesterdays workout and I really like it! Being sore motivates me to keep working out and proves that I made progress and the workout was effective.

I heart abs ❤

I want like those little abs girls have that aren’t like scary but still there. Like I want to be toned

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Talk to me babe

So, this is the 1st day of thanksgiving break just by the way but, If you wanna talk, need a friend, advice, or want to give me your opinions then email me at

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Lets get it bitches!

So, I worked out today! Working out makes me feel pround and skinny lol so I had to share. I did cardio this morning so this evening I do excerises for my muscles. I know theres a name for that like muscle training or something but, sorry I don’t know it. I am going to keep this up especialy since thanksgiving is tommorow!! My food intake will probably be ummm like 800 calories cause Im working out and Im starting this tumblr diet.

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Playing catch up

So, I have people that follow my blog now yay!! Thanks yall. So yeah I have purposely stopped the thinspiration challenge but it will resume.With turkey Day comming I need to get my ass in gear and get my head straight. I need to know my portions and to exercise a lot!I need to tighten my diet but I am really trying to figure out how much to restrict. How many calories I need to eat and stuff. I lost a bestfriend and my academic life is a mess and my parents are stressing me more so yea.

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Winner winner skipping dinner!

I sorry I haven’t been blogging and stuff.

I’ve been preoccupied with school and being dissapointed in myself about my weight. Im on this diet…

I ate 50 calories over but I can easily  burn that off, I ate low fat yogurt with 3 peices of bacon for breakfast and for lunch a spicy chicken ceasar salad with 100 calorie ranch.

I love underwear thinspo so I’ve been looking at that 🙂

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