Heartbreaks and 808s

The life is fading from me while you watch my heart bleed </3

I just lost the two people I thought were “bestfriends” . Apparently I talk to much about a guy I like. So they couldn’t tell me they had to tell eachother behind my back and everybody on facebook before it got to me. It hurts so bad Im in tears. I want to talk about it with some one but I can’t I need my real bestfriend right now šŸ˜„ , its so painful my heart literally hurts, my herats beating fast cause im so angry, and I keep replaying sad slow kesha and justin Bieber songs. I feel so betrayed! Im so angry and hurt and I don’t know which one’s worse. All this cause I really like a guy…Now finding this makes me feel like a third wheel they had to drag along like the whole time it was them against me. LikeĀ  I was just some little pity friend they thought they add on to their duet to make me feel better….

I haven’t felt like this in a while and I can compare it to my first heart breakĀ when I’d just turnedĀ 13 (im 14 about to be 15)

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