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New thinspo!

I just made a new thinspo page so theres new thinspo.


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Ana Rexia Halloween costume…

So you can be an anorexic for halloween now…wow

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well, I never naturally became anorexic. I just was tired of my body and was failing at being healthy. I even googled how to starve (yes, I said it) I don’ care if Im a wannarexic or anorexic all I want is to lose weight. Why get caught up with labels?


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Pro ana Buddies (thinspiration)

It can so hard to find a good pro ana buddy. I had a few and they all sucked. I just a got new one and Im hoping it works. They usually stop contact or are majorly bitchy. I really want a good cause I have no one to talk to and everybody feels a little weak sometimes right?


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