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OMG (Work out songs)

…Ya so sexy. You know you caught my eye with that b.o.o.t.y.
I haven’t posted something for what feels like a long time lol. I went to school today n yesterday!
Work out songs
1.Last Friday Night-Katy Perry
2.Gimme More-Britney Spears
3.Just Dance-Lady Gaga
4.Hot Mess- Cobra Starship
5.Moves like Jagger-Adam Lavigne
6.What the hell-Avril Lavigne
7.Don’t wanna go home- Jason Dureulo
What about yall??


Food and Fitness

   Ok! I thought I was only gonna eat 288 calories but I had a killer headache after waking up from a nap. Water wasn’t helping. I ate a fortune cookie. So I had 318 calories but before I worked out for 30 minutes. I do stuff like dancing, walking in place, going up and down on relevae or relevate I don’t know but I learned it in dance, I do squats, arm circles, jumping jax, stretching, walking, crunches, push ups, leg lifts, ect. I love the look of a thin tummy with abs and I really want that! BUT NT MANLY ABS CAUSE THATS GROSS! Like subtle abs


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Tattoo/Peircing thinspo

I ate 288 calories today. (So far, I don’t really plan on eating though)

When my dad leaves Im gonna work out. When Im thinnier I really want to get a tattoo or a hip peircing (but I probably won’t cause Im so young)



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Followers or subscribers

Whatever it’s called I have 2 so yay. K bye

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 Apetite…something I don’t have right now. Which is good except my life is hell! When Im upset I don’t eat so theres a good thing that comes with the bad. I’ve a cheating gay dad, anorexia, I don’t see my family, I have a horrible relationship with my mom, I don’t have any real friends to vent to, and now I’ve another problem.

It makes me write songs and keeps me from eating but pain is miserable 😥

More like f&*k my life