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So when I went on vacatioin I totally lost track! But on the last day I go it back oh yeah. Ana came through. I had to eat a big breakfast around 500 calories because my family the kind of people that won’t shut the fu&* up if you don’t clean your plate. I didn’t eat again. My family went to a chinese buffette.

   The temptation was there! But I didn’t eat a thing! Im so proud!! I just had water. I figured over vacay that if I hate the bloated about-to-pop feeling of being full then I love the dizzy empty feeling of being well, empty. I know I want to be thin and gorgeous! But I had a food addiction and stopping cold turkey is hard but, Its worth it. I google thinspo pics on my phone to stop me and if I get hungry at home I take a nap or read 25 pages of a book. Today I’ve had 120 calories. I ate bacon. This is what happens when a fatty goes ana! Im going to go work out. Oh yeah and I got my first subscriber WOOHOOO!



 So, I have been dancing since I was 5. I went to dance class but when I was 10 I had to stop due to expenses. Now I’m on the dance team. I really don’t like it so far but, its exercise and who doesn’t want a dancer’s body? I have 5 days of dance camp on monday too.

  I have no idea what I’m doing because I forgot a lot since those 4 years and they don’t teach me shiz. But Its to late to quit and part of me wants to stay for the exercise and longer resume in the arts. If I don’t eat or eat very little I’ll be a lot thinner very soon



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Male thinspo

I don’t want to neglect the males here so I’m going to add a male thinspo page (:!! look under the blog title for it right next to thinspo

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Epic failure!

So i totally binged today! Which means I failed. So im making my own rules. 600 calories or less. An hour of exercise or more. I hate be extreme but If i mess up I may try cutting myself. I’m not emo or suicidal but I need to whip myself into shape! I probably won’t have the nerve to actually cut myself…

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Day 2 of the ABC Diet

Well, I ate 492 calories but I had 307 calories worth of exercise. I hope I can eat those 300 calories tommorow and not break! I keep looking at thinspo and listening to music. I wanna be a singer and have you ever seen a successful fat singer? I want to be like Dev’s size from the cataracs. Shes really hot by the way in my opinion

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ABC diet

My first day wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! I ate 419 calories. 2 Baked chicken wings. A small slice of water melon. 2 pieces of bacon and half an egg yolk. I almost lost it though! We got dove ice cream and I had crazy cravings. I started yesterday technically on July 3rd but I’m blogging about it now lol

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Top 10 reasons Im ana

1.Im fat
2.I need a new bikini
3.I want to lose weight before high school
4.I need more self control
5.I don’t want to be the fat one with all my skinny friends
6.I want to wear smaller clothes
7.I don’t want boys to feel my fat when we hug or he holds me
8.I want to look good in short shorts
9.I want to try being a seventeen model
10.I want to wear shirts that show my tummy

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Hey (Intro)

Hi, my name is. what? My name is. Who? My name is, Slim shady!

No im kidding. Im Anjy pronounced Angy. I am pro ana but I don’t call my self anorexic. Just ana. I think anorexia is more of a disease. Ana is more of a lifestyle. But I don’t judge or correct anyone that says different. Ana or anorexia is almost a self defined thing so it’s whatever you think it is to you.

Right now (well i don’t know for sure) but, the last time I weighed myself I was 140 :(. I want to be 120 by the time I go to my annual summer vacation in Tampa.

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